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Impact and Social Perfomance
Agricultural and Rural Finance
Microfinance intervention methods
ProsperA Network
Impact and Social Perfomance
Agricultural and Rural Finance
Microfinance intervention methods

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ProsperA Network

Impact and Social Perfomance

CGAP - Work on Microfinance Investment Vehicles

CGAP-Accion – Campaign for Client Protection (Consumer Protection principles / Beyond codes in client protection – research)

Consortium Imp-Act – Social audit (QAT), SPM and training

Grameen Foundation – Poverty assessment (PPI – Progress out of Poverty Index)

IRIS USAID – Poverty assessment (PAT in line with US congress requirements for USAID projects)

Microfinance Transparency – A global initiative for fair and transparent pricing in the Microfinance industry

Oikocredit’s Centre on Social Performance

Social Performance on Microfinance Gateway

Social Performance Task Force website

Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation (SDC) - Social Performance Mainstreaming

The SEEP Network - Resources on Social Performance

Agricultural and Rural Finance

FARM fundation’s Microfinance activities

The FAO Rural Finance Learning Centre


CAPAF: Improving Microfinance Governance

Microfinance intervention methods

The CGAP website

The e-MFP website, the european microfinance platform

Others links

Activités microfinance de la fondation FARM

Africa : AFMIN

Africa : MAIN

Centre d’apprentissage en finances rurales de la FAO

Centro sobre desempeño social de Oikocredit

DDC (Coopération Suisse)

Dossier thématique "Impact et performances sociales" sur le Portail de la Microfinance

Dossier thématique "Protection du consommateur" sur le Portail de la Microfinance

Dossier thématique finance rurale et agricole sur le Portail de la Microfinance

El Centro de Aprendizaje en Finanzas Rurales de la FAO

FPH (Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer)

Latin America : FORO LAC FR

Le site de Coordination Sud

Le site de e-MFP, la Plateforme européenne de la microfinance (en anglais)

Le site de la Social Performance Task Force (en anglais)

Le site de l’Iram sur la gouvernance des institutions de microfinance

Le site du CGAP (en angais)

Le « pink book » du CGAP, guide pour les bonnes pratiques des bailleurs

LED - Liechtenstein Development Service

The Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) provides official development aid on behalf of Liechtenstein’s government. LED supports CERISE for the fifth phase of the SPI initiative : Achieve maximum impact on the poor and excluded in developing and developed countries, thanks to a balanced approach to management and governance of the microfinance and social business sectors.

Page web sur les performances sociales - site d’Oikocredit (en anglais)

Performances sociales sur le Microfinance Gateway

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Key documents
-The Decision Tree-Orienting network in their SP strategy
-Governance Handbook
Recent Additions to Library
-Latin America study - DP N°7 - synthesis
-Study SP/FP (126 MFIs) - DP N°19 - Synthesis
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