Check out some of our most exciting new resources on social performance, and stay tuned for new developments in 2018!

SPI4 Audit Guide

The CERISE SPI4 Audit Guide gives practical, field-based guidance on how to conduct an audit and analyze each and every SPI4 indicator! Whether you are a newcomer to social performance or an experienced auditor, a FSP conducting a self-assessment, a consultant carrying out an accompanied self-assessment, or an investment officer preparing social due diligence, this Guide will help you carry out consistent, efficient and effective analysis of social performance practices.

An App to discover SBS

AFD and CEFEB, in collaboration with CERISE, have developed the first serious game on social business, the Social Business Challenge! Get familiar with the 7 dimenisions of the Social Business Scorecard while playing the role of a social entrepreneur in Madaroondi! Free, available on Google Play and Apple Store.


CERISE launches its first e-learning module!

CERISE has partnered with Good Return to develop its first e-learning module, now available on the RIF Academy. Looking for a quick introduction to social performance and CERISE SPI4? Start here! This 30 minute module will explain the basics of social performance management, why the SPI4 was created, and what it’s for. Learn how the SPI4 audit tool works, get an overview of the audit process, and find out how to use results. Whether you you’re thinking about conducting a social audit on your own institution or you’re looking to accompany others as a qualified auditor, this module is a great place to start your SPM journey!

A Growing international network of auditors

Looking for a SPI4 auditor ? It’s now easier than ever to find a qualified SPI4 auditor to help you assess your social performance. Just check out our new auditor face book on the SPI4 website, with over 100 auditors from around the world. These auditors have gone through theoretical and practical training with CERISE and are available to accompany financial service providers looking to analyse social risks and improve their social performance.